Tailaran Religion

Tailarans believe that the soul is on a constant cycle of life, death, and rebirth, constantly trying to best fulfill each soul’s intended path. Those souls that have truly fulfilled their appropriate path are elevated beyond mortality to a state of semi-divinity and become the Paragons, guiding other souls along their paths.

Everyone in the Tailaran Empire is chosen by a particular Paragon at the age of 16. Each Paragon is an exemplar of a particular path. The Paragons are divided into castes based on the primary duties of those who follow that path. There is a strong tendency for children to remain under the same Paragon as one or both of their parents, but it is not guaranteed.

All player characters should belong to the Adventurer Castes. Prominent Paragons of the Adventurer Caste include:
(There are a number of other Paragons focused on various other aspects of the adventuring. If none of these seem right for your character, let me know.)

Hamon Lightbearer: Hamon Lightbearer is the paragon of those who seek to protect others. He is devoted to the vanquishing of evil, the destruction of undead, and the protection of the weak.

Amice: Amice is dedicated to knowledge, study, and understanding. She is the Paragon of those who adventure to find answers, to learn, or seek new secrets in the stranger places of the world.

Osanna: Osanna is the Paragon of those who seek glory. Hers is the path of those who wish to be remembered in legends and stories, and for whom recognition is the most important goal.

Tailaran Religion

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