Clan of the Illuminating Eye

Long ago, or so the legends say, there lived a tribe of cyclopes pushed to edge of destruction. All cyclopes are blessed with the occasional flash of insight, a chance to glimpse the future granted by the sun, the Illuminating Eye of the creator. That, by itself, was not enough to prevent the imminent destruction of the tribe by its neighbors, and the tribe attempted something desperate: thousands of cyclopes, every member of the tribe, gave up their gift, combining the power of the sacrifice into a single artifact, the Great Eye, which was bestowed upon the chieftain. The Great Eye gave the chieftain, the Prime Dread Nusal, powerful visions that allowed him to reshape the tribe’s destiny. First, he sought out a nearby tribe of hobgoblins and offered them alliance, promising that the alliance would bring great power. The chief of the hobgoblins, Doth Gripau, was impressed by the Prime Dread’s ability to see the future and accepted the alliance. He was given the title Dread and was granted the Lodestar, a magical conduit through which he could call on a small portion of the power of the Great Eye. This was the beginning of what is now known as the Clan of the Illuminating Eye.

Over the next hundred years, the Empire of the Great Eye began to take shape. The Prime Dread’s used the power of the Great Eye to secure victory over enemy after enemy. Their armies were said undefeatable in battle and the Empire soon became the greatest power the continent had ever known. The empire lasted for approximately three hundred years, conquering vast regions of the world, until a great horde of outsiders began to pour into the material plane, causing chaos and destruction everywhere. The outsiders where ultimately defeated and sealed back on their own plane, but, after the victory, the Prime Dread had disappeared and the Great Eye was missing. Slowly, the empire fell apart. The armies were no longer invincible, and the leaders no longer had strong guidance about the future. The hobgoblins of the Clan of the Illuminating Eye still had the Lodestar, however, which gave the tribe’s Dreads enough insight to know how to preserve the tribe through the chaos the followed the collapse of the empire.

It has been nearly four hundred years since the Empire of the Great Eye fell. The Clan of the Illuminating Eye has barely managed to survive since then, thanks mostly to the power of the Lodestar.

The tribe has separated leadership, with Chieftains, who guide the day to day affairs of the tribe, and Dreads, who guide the tribe’s future and keep its history.

Clan of the Illuminating Eye

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